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BT MA & FA are all on-demand computer based exams and can be sat at any time of the year at an approved CBE centre. 

These subjects comprise a mix of multiple choice and objective test style questions. The pass mark is 50% and they are 2 hours duration. 

Students will need to contact the Belfast CBE centre direct to arrange and book out their exam: https://www.bscr.co.uk/it-exam-centre 


All Skills level subjects are session based computer exams and take place in the first week off March, June, September & December each year (except for Law, which remains an on-demand computer based exam)

The pass mark is 50% and are 3 hours in duration with an additional 15 minutes reading & planning time. 

strategic professional LEVEL

The Professional level requires you to undertake: 4 exams: This includes two Essential modules which include Strategic Business Leader and Strategic Business Reporting. You then need to choose two further courses that suit your career ambitions from Advanced Financial Management; Advanced Performance Management; Advanced Taxation; or Advanced Audit and Assurance. 

To become an ACCA member you’ll also need to complete: 1 ethics and professional skills module (EPSM): ACCA believe that finance professionals should be ethical and demonstrate the professional skills to make an impact immediately. Click the link for further details on the EPSM Module Ethics and Professional Skills module.

essential subjects